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Arthur Worsley
by Arthur Worsley
M.A. Psychology, Oxford. McKinsey Alum. Founder & Editor at TAoL.

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Interpersonal Relationships: Book Recommendations

Interpersonal Relationships: Book Summaries

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Crucial Conversations Summary – Kerry Patterson et al.
11 MINUTE READ | Crucial Conversations is the New York Times bestselling #1 guide to healthy dialogue about complex issues, full of practical tips to help you understand and improve your communication skills - by communication experts, Kerry Patterson, Ron McMillan, Joseph Grenny, and Al Switzler. Topics:
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How to Win Friends and Influence People Summary – Dale Carnegie
14 MINUTE READ | How to Win Friends and Influence People is THE classic guide to greatly improving effectiveness and efficiency by mastering the ability to work with and through the people around you - by self-improvement guru, Dale Carnegie. Topics:
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Never Split the Difference Summary – Chris Voss
16 MINUTE READ | Never Split the Difference shows you exactly how to get what you want and come out on top in any negotiation using simple negotiation tactics learned while dealing with terrorists, bank robbers and hostage situations - by veteran FBI negotiator, Chris Voss. Topics: ,
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The 48 Laws of Power Summary – Robert Greene
33 MINUTE READ | The 48 Laws of Power is the ultimate guide to sociopathy gaining and defending against ultimate control – by author and your nearest dictator’s favourite leadership coach, Robert Greene. Topics: ,
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The 5 Love Languages of Children Summary – Gary Chapman
14 MINUTE READ | A concise, actionable and time-tested guide to helping you understand your children more deeply and communicate more effectively so they always feel valued and loved - by best-selling author, pastor and marriage counsellor, Gary Chapman. Topics:
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Tiny Beautiful Things Summary – Cheryl Strayed
6 MINUTE READ | A heart thumpingly raw, vulnerable and powerful collection of letters and advice on the power of love, of forgiveness and of finding growth in the darkest of places - by award-winning writer, Cheryl Strayed. Topics: ,

Interpersonal Relationships: Articles

Family and Friends Articles Thumbnail
Best Advice For New Parents: Your 16 Top Tips For Future Parents
14 MINUTE READ | An awesome write up of the humbling and inspiring collected top tips for new parents from YOU (TAoL's thousands of subscribers). Learn how to thrive as a parent and as a team during pregnancy, after birth, in the first few years and beyond. Topics:
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Empathic Listening: Stop Trying To Fix Your Friend’s Problems!
4 MINUTE READ | A short story about my own struggles with empathic listening and a quick guide to the importance and power of holding space, instead of always trying to solve people's problems. Topics: ,
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Ethos Pathos Logos: The 3 Modes Of Persuasion
6 MINUTE READ | A quick overview of ethos, pathos and logos - the three modes of persuasion first used and mastered by Ancient Greek orators - and a framework still valuable today for convincing others to change their minds or take action. Topics: ,
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How Brian Unlocked More Family-Time WITHOUT Compromising on Career
4 MINUTE READ | A powerful, inspirational story of how Brian used a handful of simple productivity tricks to radically cut down his working hours, create headspace and spend more time with his family every week WITHOUT compromising on performance. Topics: ,
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How to Make Friends as an Adult (Ultimate Guide)
26 MINUTE READ | Making friends as an adult can be hard. Making the RIGHT friends as an adult, the kind that support you and inspire you and make life a better place, is even harder. Fortunately, this ultimate 8-part guide will show you exactly how to do it. Topics:
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Why it’s not you, it’s me.
Perfect for you if: You just started a new friendship or relationship, You feel let down by or angry at yourself or someone else, There are people in your life that you just can't seem to forgive. Topics: ,
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Yes And: These Two Words Will 10x Your Relationships
4 MINUTE READ | A quick guide to a powerful, simple phrase you can start using right away to become a better listener and 10x your personal relationships overnight (with real-life examples). Topics:

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