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M.A. Psychology, Oxford. McKinsey Alum. Founder & Editor at TAoL.

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Business & Career: Book Recommendations

Business & Career: Book Summaries

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Guest Blogging Summary – Jon Morrow
17 MINUTE READ | The ultimate guide to writing great articles and getting them published on some of the biggest blogs, platforms and news sites on the internet - by blogging legend, Jon Morrow. Topics: ,
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Never Split the Difference Summary – Chris Voss
16 MINUTE READ | Never Split the Difference shows you exactly how to get what you want and come out on top in any negotiation using simple negotiation tactics learned while dealing with terrorists, bank robbers and hostage situations - by veteran FBI negotiator, Chris Voss. Topics: ,
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On Writing Well Summary – William Zinsser
10 MINUTE READ | On Writing Well is a book so brimming with literary wisdom that it feels like you're clutching a living brain. Writing, about writing, for writers - by writer, editor, critic, teacher and captain of the craft, William Zinsser. Topics:
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Perennial Seller Summary – Ryan Holiday
8 MINUTE READ | A fascinating and practical guide to making your heart and nerve and sinew serve your turn long after they are gone - by modern stoic and devourer of the written word, Ryan Holiday. Topics: ,
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Start With Why Summary – Simon Sinek
14 MINUTE READ | Start With Why is a simple guide to building successful companies and becoming a best-in-class leader by asking and answering three simple questions: Why, How and What - by motivational speaker and business consultant, Simon Sinek. Topics:
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The 4-Hour Workweek Summary – Tim Ferriss
22 MINUTE READ | The 4-Hour Workweek is one of the most influential books on the reading list of nearly every successful digital nomad and online business owner I've ever met - by best-selling author, podcaster and life-hacker Tim Ferriss. Topics: ,
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The 48 Laws of Power Summary – Robert Greene
33 MINUTE READ | The 48 Laws of Power is the ultimate guide to sociopathy gaining and defending against ultimate control – by author and your nearest dictator’s favourite leadership coach, Robert Greene. Topics: ,
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The 80/20 Principle Summary – Richard Koch
1 MINUTE READ | The 80/20 Principle is a perennial guide to mastering the Pareto principal and doing more with less - by management consultant, venture capitalist and best-selling author, Richard Koch. Topics: ,
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The Art of War Summary – Sun Tzu
9 MINUTE READ | The Art of War is THE classic guide to military strategy that has inspired soldiers, politicians and business leaders worldwide for millennia. Its timeless (and time-tested) lessons in outthinking and outflanking your adversaries are as valuable in the boardroom as on the battlefield - by Chinese Qi Dynasty military general and master strategist, Sun Tzu. Topics:
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The Checklist Manifesto Summary – Atul Gawande
1 MINUTE READ | The Checklist Manifesto is a fascinating investigation into the ability of checklists in business, medicine and every day life to promote greater efficiency, consistency and safety - by surgeon and public health researcher, Atul Gawande. Topics: ,
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The Elements of Style Summary – William Strunk Jr.
Perfect for you if: Writing good concise English is important to your success. You can't spot the simple, common and 'obvious' mistake in this sentence. The idea of someone crunching such a sacred work fills you with rage. Topics: ,
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The Psychology of Selling Summary – Brian Tracy
31 MINUTE READ | The Psychology of Selling is a powerful, motivational and practical guide to becoming one of the most successful (and highest-paid) salespeople in your company, industry and the world – by self-help legend and sales guru, Brian Tracy. Topics:

Business & Career: Articles

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Core Values 101: The Ultimate Guide and Core Values List
14 MINUTE READ | A comprehensive guide to understanding, defining and living by core values - personally and as a company or team. Includes a list of examples, links to real-life core values statements plus some unique stories and insights from my time as a consultant at McKinsey. Topics: ,
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How Chris DOUBLED His Sales AND Found More Balance WITHOUT Working Harder
4 MINUTE READ | A Short, inspirational story about how Chris used weekly planning and daily time tracking to find more space in his day for the things in his business and life that really make a difference. Topics: ,
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How Ella Landed $20k In Clients By Doing Less…
3 MINUTE READ | A short, inspiring story (and video testimonial) about how Ella used TAOL's TRACKTION Planner to take back control of her time and get clear on which parts of life were holding her back (and how to fix them). Topics: ,
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How Erin Built An 8-FIGURE Business In 18 Months WITHOUT Giving Up Her Life
4 MINUTE READ | A short, inspiring story about how Erin used the principles I teach in my TRACKTION Masterclass to grow her business from 6-figures to 8-figures in less than 2 years WITHOUT giving up the rest of her life. Topics: ,
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How Nick Unlocked More Time For Creativity WITHOUT Neglecting His Business
4 MINUTE READ | A short, inspiring story about how Nick used the principles from TRACKTION to connect his big goals to his day-to-day activities and unlock more time and headspace to unleash his creativity. Topics: ,

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