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This page is where you’ll find my perspective on why, what, and how – including articles on purpose, productivity, freedom, relationships, and learning. My writing is slower than my thinking – that’s why there are gaps here for now. But with your help, I’ll be adjusting the structure and filling the blanks in the years ahead.

Almost everything I believe is based on the outstanding work of others. To go right to the source of those great minds – you may want to check out the book crunch section. For now, you can use the categories below to browse my best articles or scroll down to see every article by date and title.

Why: On Finding Meaning

What does it all mean? Why are we all here? These articles tackle the age-old problem of living a life of purpose and meaning.

  1. The REAP Model: A Brief Theory of Meaning
  2. Reactive Meaning: Meaning through values;
  3. External Meaning: Meaning through people;
  4. Active Meaning: Meaning through purpose; and
  5. Passive Meaning: Meaning through understanding.

What: On Acquiring Skills and Knowledge

Articles digging into specific skills and areas of knowledge. I’ll be writing on everything from art, history, science, and philosophy to starting businesses, studying Psychology at Oxford University, working as a consultant at McKinsey and Company and traveling the world for 4 years (and counting) as well as some of my projects, like becoming a ski instructor in four months and raising £30,000 to run 250km through the Sahara desert with some friends over 6 days.

How: On Living Well

Articles on living a free, happy, and productive life. I split my thinking into five domains: Productivity; Mental Freedom; Physical Freedom; Financial Freedom; and Relationships. These articles will cover exactly why and how to invest in becoming your best possible self.

All Articles by Date

While I’m working on putting everything into a structure that’s quick and easy to navigate, you’ll find all my articles below by date and title. Newest at the top.