5th December 2017: Right now, Erin and I are soaking up a month of good weather, food, and people in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In addition to the wonderful locals there’s a thriving expat community of writers, entrepreneurs and location independent workers here. It’s easily one of my top three places (along with Medellin and Ubud) to hang out and get stuff done.

I’ve spent the last month or so absorbing a 10,000-year History of Art survey (article coming soon) which is why things have been quiet here on WhyWhatHow. I’m excited to be turning my attention back to the blog and my reading list as the year draws to a close. I’m also thinking a lot about what to read and write about next year – I’ve got years of ideas so it’s a question of prioritizing.

Other than that, I’m doing lots of yoga and working with Erin to launch her third business (Evergreen Matcha) in the USA – if you haven’t tried Matcha Tea before, I strongly recommend heading over to check it out!

Next stop Sydney, Australia, for barbecues, fireworks, and surfing into the start of 2018.

See you in the New Year. Until then, good luck and go well!