Welcome to WhyWhatHow.

Hi, I’m Arthur, a learning-freak, life-hacker, and writer that helps curious people digest chewy topics fast. I spend most of my time thinking about Why, What, and How:

  • Why do we exist? What motivates us? How do we find meaning and purpose?
  • What knowledge, skills, and experiences can bring us closer to that why?
  • How can we get there quickly and effectively? How can we get started right away?

These pillars are my purpose. I believe in a world of concentric circles where changing that world starts with changing ourselves. I believe you can be anything you put your mind to.

All of this is a work in progress. I travel the world constantly, read voraciously, take small steps relentlessly, and think long and hard about the things most of us don’t have time for.

WhyWhatHow is where I’d like to share those thoughts with you – and to get your thoughts in return. I don’t have much in the way of answers. Just a perspective and a place to start. But with your help, we might just make it somewhere interesting.

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